Bodega Katxiña

We opened the Bodega Katxiña winery in 2014 to share the Txakoli wine that we have been producing in our family for generations.

Our south-facing winery lies at the centre of eight hectares of vineyards which are set on a hillside leading down to the Oria river.

Hondarribi Zuri

This grape variety was brought over from the northeast of Europe in the Middle Ages. The monks that followed the camino de Santiago pilgrimage route created monasteries with vineyards as they travelled, and with the passage of time this variety gained a foothold in our land of sea and mountains.

Txakoli Katxiña

The fruity notes of this variety, which combine perfectly with Cantabrian sea breezes, make Txakoli Katxiña a fresh, lively, fruity and elegant wine. The intense aroma moves beautifully into the mouth, leaving a pleasant and long-lasting flavour.