The surroundings


The BASQUE COUNTRY is known for the high quality of its cuisine, and the region has more Michelin stars than any other. Locals love to gather in one of the over 5000 sociedades gastronómicas (meeting places for culinary enthusiasts) to cook and eat with their friends and family.

As a fishing village, ORIO is known for its grilled fish. Orio-style bream is the most popular item and many people make the journey to the village to try this famous dish.


Euskera is the language used by Basque people in their everyday communications. Although the Basque Country is one of the most economically advanced areas of Spain, it has succeeded in safeguarding the unique language and culture of one of the most ancient tribes in Europe.


Rural sports are intimately linked to vocations from times gone by, such as the tree cutting of woodsmen, the stone hauling of masons and the rowing of whale fishermen.

Like all fishing villages on the Cantabrian coast, ORIO was once heavily dependent on whale hunting and a huge amount of emphasis was placed on training men to be strong rowers. It is said that the last whale in the Cantabrian Sea was hunted in Orio in 1901. Nowadays, men and women of all ages compete in the rowing races and Orio’s rowing team has won more awards than any other team in Spain.