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Bodega Katxiña

Just as palate pampering is one of the Basque Country’s cultural elements par excellence, so it is also one of our family’s. We’ve been tending the red-hot embers of our grill for 34 years now in the fishing town of Orio, where we are known for choosing only the very finest fish and meats for our grill.

However, our father always dreamt of being able to introduce our guests to his txakoli, an artisanal tradition passed down from one generation to next.

Hondarribi Zuri grapevines have framed the entrance to his farmstead since time immemorial and making our own txakoli to share with family and friends has been a long-standing family tradition.

Convinced that the txakoli we saw our parents make was something both authentic and truly ours, we of the new generation have decided to follow their dream. With eight hectares of vineyard and a winery overflowing with enthusiasm, it gives us great pleasure to invite you to take part in making our father’s dream come true with TXAKOLI KATXIÑA.

In the Katxiña winery, we taste and experience things differently.

Our Winery gives you the chance to taste things differently, to make it part of your own history. .

Feel the roots of the vines, in a setting designed to make you enjoy life a little more. Experience our origins and make them your own. You choose how:



Barrio Ortzaika, 20
20810 Orio (Gipuzkoa) Spain
943 580 166606 367 693

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